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Overlooked Considerations When Buying Richmond Condos

During my long career as a Richmond realtor, I’ve noticed that there are a few primary factors my clients consider when searching for a condo. First, obviously, is the location of the condo development. After that is the amenities that the development offers and what type of units are available. While these are all very important issues, to be sure, there are a few other issues that many of my clients overlook.

There’s much more to a condo than what’s offered by the development and in the units, and understanding these overlooked issues is a great way to make sure you get your perfect condo. Read about overlooked considerations when buying Richmond condos and learn how these issues can affect your final condo buying decision.

Rules of Condo Living

If you’ve never lived in a condo before, then you may be unaware that most condo developments have a list of rules that their residents need to follow. These rules can be very simple, such as no bikes inside of the building or no cooking on your balcony, or very complex. Some developments may limit the times when non-residents can enter the complex and others may have strict rules about decorating your unit.

When considering a condo development, I advise all my clients to learn the homeowner’s association rules that the development maintains. If the rules are too strict for your liking, you may need to move on to other Richmond condo.

Your Preferred Lifestyle

It’s been said that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your neighbours, and I find this is particularly true when it comes to Richmond condos. Condo developments feature a wide range of people. For example, some developments are meant for particular age groups, young and old, while others have a mixture of both.

Before choosing a condo development, you need to think about the lifestyle that you are seeking. Are you looking for a close-knit community where you regularly interact with your neighbours, or do you prefer solitude? Do you want an energetic development, or one that’s more laid-back? Answering these questions can help you determine if a given development is the right fit for you.

Will You Have Access to a Condo Board?

Although rare, disputes between neighbours can happen in a condo development. While these disputes are generally minor, they still need to be resolved, which is why you need to examine whether the condo development you’re considering features a condo board. In addition to maintaining the property, condo boards can help resolve conflicts between residents in a satisfactory manner.

If the condo development you’re considering doesn’t feature a board, you may have trouble settling disputes with neighbours. Make sure your development features a condo board before committing to a unit.

Find the Right Richmond Condo for You

By keeping these overlooked condo considerations in mind, you’ll easily be able to find the right development and the right unit for you. If you need help finding the best Richmond condos available, then you need to work with me.

I’ve lived in Richmond for 29 years, and have worked as a realtor for 14, so I know where to find all the best Richmond condos. Call me at (604) 670-7383 or fill out my contact form, and we can talk about your needs and how I can help you find a great condo.

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