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Choosing the right TV for your Richmond Condo

Now that you have found your dream condo and have moved all of your items into your new space, the next job may be finding a television that is the right fit for your new living room or bedroom. With so many choices on the market today ranging from HD to plasma, it is so important to look at more than just fit when making this decision. As the premier condo real estate agent in Richmond, I would like to give the following recommendations when it comes to finding the perfect television set for your condo.

Size Matters

Depending upon where you are thinking about setting up your television, the size of your television will be a determining factor. A few quick measurements of your bedroom or living room wall will quickly give you a ball park figure on what size of television you will be in the market for. Keep in mind that all TV’s are measured diagonally so a couple of inches will change both the length and width of your television significantly.

As a general rule of thumb, when in doubt, go with a larger television. Rarely do people ever regret purchasing a larger television. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those who purchased a smaller television set. You do not want to have buyer’s remorse later on down the line.


Not only does size matter when it comes to your new TV, weight will also play a significant role when making that purchase. Weight comes into play if you are thinking about mounting your television on the wall. If your TV is going on a stand then weight is not a factor, but if you will be mounting it, you must consider how you are going to safely mount it to your wall.

All wall mounts must be somehow anchored into the wall. Usually you will want to find a wall stud. If that is not an option, you may consider using wall anchors, but keep in mind, these have weight limitations. Remember that you must have the means of safely securing your TV to the wall, so keep weight in mind when you are out looking for your dream television.

The High Def decision

Now that you have found the properly sized and weighted TV for your condo, you may want to take a minute to decide if you want HD or ultra HD. This decision really comes down to your viewing distance and the size of your television. If your TV is under 55 inches, you will not see much difference between HD and ultra HD. You can also view ultra HD at a much closer range than that of HD. So if you have a large TV and watch TV at a close distance, the ultra HD option is the right one for you.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to find the perfect TV that will help compliment your condo lifestyle. Good luck and if you need any advice buying or selling your home we would be happy to help.

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