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Condo living has many benefits. It puts you close to great shopping, good food and excellent job opportunities, while also offering you the security of having a low maintenance home in a beautiful community. However, staying organized and maximizing the use of space can be a difficult challenge if you are not used to staying in a smaller home.

Learning to organize efficiently is not a skill that most are born with, it must be learned. You do not have to think “small living” when you move into a condo—we want you to live big. With a few creative ideas, the smallest unit can look fantastic. Here are a few tips to maximize space in your Richmond Condo.

Use Hidden Storage Compartments

Hidden compartments can be so useful in any home, but they are true lifesavers when you live in a smaller condo. You might not have an abundance of closets, but that does not mean that you need to get rid of all your things. Shop for furniture that has hidden compartments, such as couches, ottomans and captain’s beds. You can have custom drawers or compartments added to virtually any table, bed or couch. This is the perfect place to store your extra shoes, clothes that are out of season or your collection of favorite books.

Convert Empty Space

You might notice that your condo has a bit of empty space such as unused corners, space beneath the stairs or even areas where an extra closet could easily be incorporated. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to add drawers or compartments to walls. If you have a staircase, chances are that the area beneath it is empty and waiting to hold your extra things.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

When you do not have a lot of room, it is very important to invest in furniture that has multiple purposes. A good example of this is the common futon, which serves as both comfortable seating and a spare bed. You can also purchase coffee tables that easily convert into handy little chairs.

Use Open Shelves

Bringing in large pieces of furniture can make your condo appear cluttered, small and crowded. Rather that putting a spare chest of drawers or buffet table into your living room or dining area to store household goods, consider floating shelves. These will open up the area while still giving you great storage.

Loft and Bunk Beds

Your bed might be taking up a lot of space. Open that dead area up for use by purchasing a loft bed. You can create a small office under this area, or add furniture pieces. If you have children or frequent guest, consider purchasing bunk beds to optimize room and sleeping arrangements.

Find a Richmond Condo

Are you ready to find your perfect Richmond condo? We can help you to find a home that fits your lifestyle needs. For more information, visit our buying page or contact Eric Lin Homes today.

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