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How to Properly Stage Your Kitchen and Dining Area

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Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that a properly staged condo is key when it comes to putting your home on the competitive Richmond condo market. If you want a quick sell and full market value, you must present a well-staged condo. But what does a well-staged condo look like? As the premier condo real estate agent in Richmond, I would like to offer you these tips and a more in depth view of how to properly stage your kitchen and dining room.

Clean, clean, clean

This may sound very repetitive or quite obvious, but before putting your home on the market and before every open house, take the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen. A proper cleaning job is more than a quick wipe down of the counters. Make sure that your stove and oven is cleaned both inside and out and your countertops, floors and cupboards are spotless. A clean kitchen is the first step to an attractively staged condo.

Counter Space

When staging your kitchen, you will want to highlight the amount of counter space you have in your kitchen. This means that you do not want more than two essential items anywhere on your counter in your kitchen when you are showing your home. Potential buyers want to see empty counters not counters that are busy or overcrowded with various kitchen appliances.

Turn the Lights On

When showing your condo, make sure to have all of the lights on. You will want to present each room in as bright a way as possible. Also, make sure that you do not have any burnt out lights in your dining room chandelier or if you have track lighting, make sure that the lights are in working order and not casting shadows in your kitchen.

Use a Centerpiece

When showing your dining area, make sure to use a centerpiece. The traditional approach to a centerpiece is a nice bouquet of flowers, but other great centerpieces that have been very effective at highlighting the dining area are colourful bowls of fruit or decorative candle displays. Experiment and see what works for you. Again, choose only one centerpiece to avoid making your table look overcrowded

When you are showing your table, you will also want to avoid using any types of linens such as a table cloth and do not set your table. If you feel that something is missing, using a runner may help enhance your centerpiece. Try it both ways or consult your real estate agent for their opinion.

By following these tips, you should have no trouble highlighting your condo’s kitchen and dining area. If you would like help with your condo’s staging or would like more information on the Richmond condo market, please contact us today. I look forward to hearing about your real estate needs.

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