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Why Purchasing a condo is Great for Students

As a student, there are so many different needs to address as you begin your post-secondary schooling. One of the most important of these needs is where are you going to live? There are many different options available when it comes to housing. Do you stay in residence on campus? Should I get roommates? What about a condo? All of these are good questions and great options. Here are some great reasons as to why a Richmond condo is a great choice for students.


The condo market in Richmond offers several great options for student living and all of them are far more affordable than those offered in Vancouver. With a fast and reliable public transit system, getting to the many different post-secondary institutions in and around Vancouver is quite easy. The city of Richmond is quickly growing and offers all of the necessities for student life such as grocery stores and inexpensive restaurants.

Safe Living

A students schedule is anything but normal. With classes that can run into the evening not to mention all night study sessions, you will find yourself coming and going from your Richmond condo at all hours. One of the main benefits of condo living is that it is generally far safer than any other housing.
This is because every condo unit has some type of a gated entrance that can only be accessed by being buzzed in. In addition to this safety feature, you will get to know many of your neighbors and other residents in the building. This acts as a type of neighborhood watch. These extra safety features will ensure that your home and belongings are safe and allow you more time to focus and study for your mid-terms.


Think of your new Richmond condo complex as part of your community. Over time, you will get to know many of your neighbors and other residents in your complex. This proximity helps form a great sense of community and kinship. Who knows, perhaps you will even meet other students in your complex who you can study with.


Most condos available in Richmond have various amenities attached to them. These can range from entertainment rooms to gyms to even swimming pools. A nice added feature to your condo may be a post study work out in the gym or an evening swim after a long day of classes. Depending on your interests, you may want to find a condo complex that offers amenities such as these.

A Richmond condo is a great housing option for students. I would love to show you some of the many great and affordable condo options that are available in the city and help you find that perfect home. Stop by today and see why so many students are calling Richmond home! I look forward to seeing you!

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