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Richmond Celebrates the Year of the Rooster with Tasty Food and Flashy Performances

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The Lunar New Year celebrations may be over a month gone, but many of us can still hear the festive drums in our ears and taste the dumplings on our tongues. Richmond, B.C. Chinese New Year celebrations were particularly amazing, and they included incredible performances for families as well as a host of mouth-watering dishes served at our local restaurants and community centres.

Those who live in Richmond condos had a particularly great time thanks to their easy access to Richmond’s biggest hotspots.

Relive the experience with us as we recap the amazing time that was the Year of the Rooster celebration in Richmond.

Aberdeen Centre Chinese New Year Countdown, Lion Dance and Cultural Showcase

Without a doubt, the Aberdeen Centre was the place to be for this year’s Lunar New Year celebrations. The festivities started at midnight on January 28 as families and local residents flocked to the mall’s centre plaza to witness the countdown.

A live countdown was broadcast directly from China courtesy of Fairchild Television. The evening culminated in music, dancing, singing, fortune telling and other traditional performances. Since so many people come to this event year after year, it has become the largest Chinese New Year countdown in the Metro Vancouver area.

The morning after the official start of the New Year, the Aberdeen Centre was in full swing. An outdoor stage and market created a focal point for revelers. Adorable little roosters from the Vancouver Academy of Dance were one highlight, but so were the traditional golden dragon and lion dances.

Mayor of Richmond Malcolm Brodie was ecstatic to mill about and greet his community during these raucous celebrations. “We welcome people here to our celebrations and New Years as we do all year long,” he told CBC news. “Richmond is a place that is open and diverse and multicultural.”

Dharma Drum Chinese New Year Festival

The Dharma Drum Vancouver Center displayed their incredible drumming skills while letting people of all ages get active in their celebrations. Crafts, lion dancing and other programs helped bring in the Year of the Rooster, and an ancient Chan tea ceremony capped it off.

Delicious Traditional Chinese New Year Cuisine

One of the aspects Richmonders anticipate most about the New Year is all the mind bogglingly delicious foods. Dim sum accompanied traditional meals, such as typhoon shelter crab from Hong Kong. This amazing dish consists of breaded and fried crab stir-fried with scallions, garlic, chillies, and a bean sauce.

Another classic favorite that makes people’s stomach rumble is the eight-treasure duck, which is stuffed with sticky rice, nuts, dates and other delectable ingredients. Unique and colourful dumplings were also served, including black sesame paste and bitter melon dumplings wrapped in a dough casing.

Foodies and lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine can catch more delectable bites at the upcoming Richmond Night Market, which runs from May to October on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

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