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Tips for Selling Your Richmond Condo – Painting

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A well cared for condo is necessary when you are trying to sell it on the always competitive Richmond condo market. There are so many important factors when it comes to properly displaying your condo to potential buyers. Not only must it be properly staged, you will want to present your condo as new and well taken care of. Part of this process is to ensure that before putting your condo on the market, make sure that you have fresh paint on all of the walls.

Why Paint my Home if I am Only Going to Sell It?

No potential buyer wants to purchase a condo that looks like it has been well lived in. Scuffs on the walls, poor colour choices or badly faded paint can all be major detractors when it comes to selling your condo. With so many choices available right now, it is important that you present your condo as a well looked after and great living option for any prospective buyer. A well thought out paint job will not only help cover up any scuffs, chips or other problems on your condo’s walls it will also help highlight your well-staged condo.

Colour Matters

When you are painting your condo before putting it on the market, make sure to pay attention to your colour choices. Bold, bright and dark colours may all be great choices for your condo and add to the atmosphere of your condo but when you are repainting for a sale, make sure to go with more neutral colour combinations. Neutral colours such as grey, taupe or tan are all appealing colour choices for prospective buyers and will help add to the overall salability of your condo.

If you are having troubles making colour choices, ask your local paint store for help or feel free to contact me. I am an expert in Richmond condo sales and understand what potential buyers are looking for in the real estate market.

Getting Full Market Value

Every dollar you put into a new paint job for your walls, you will get back in the final selling price of your condo. Any buyer does not want to purchase a condo that will need to be painted before they move in. If this is the case you can be guaranteed that this will factor into the final selling price. Instead, allow the buyer to see themselves, their belongings and their lifestyle in your condo’s space without having to picture the walls in a different colour or less marked up. A well-cared for condo is a more appealing condo on the real estate market.

A quick sell at full market value is a reality with the right paint job, colour combination and real estate agent. Please feel free to contact me for more information about the Richmond condo market. I look forward to working with you!

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